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"Phoenix POS is the Preferred System for Elevation Burger."

Elevation Burger is a rapidly expanding fast-casual concept. From its 100% USDA-certified organic, 100% grass-fed, 100% free-range beef to environmentally friendly building materials, the company provides an "elevated" guest experience that also benefits the environment. After vigorous research, business partners Hans and April Hess, Chris Lambert, and Michael Berger selected Phoenix POS to help them attain new levels of success.

"We're expanding around the U.S. and internationally," says Chris. "All stores since we started franchising have been using Phoenix POS. The Phoenix system is so flexible and user-friendly, it works well with our concept. We feel like Phoenix gives us good value, a lot of features for the money."

Michael agrees. "Phoenix works well in our counter-service environment," he says. "We looked at other systems, but FireFly had the most cost-effective, competitive, and flexible solution. FireFly is a growing company, so it makes more efforts to accommodate the system to individual client needs. As we brought stuff to the table, FireFly was willing to adapt the Phoenix system."

Virtual Headquarters for Real-Life Business
"Phoenix's Headquarters module gives me Web-based centralized reporting on all the stores," Michael says, "even when I'm off-site. Phoenix provides numerous reports that help us make sound business decisions. For instance, we use the daypart sales report to see if we need to do more marketing to round out the slower times.

"We use the labor as a percentage of sales report to coach franchisees on what they can do to reduce labor costs. Now that we can build employee schedules and track hours in Phoenix, we've reduced the time scheduling labor."

Ordertaking and Online Ordering
"Phoenix has a very easy touch-screen," Michael says. "Employees who have worked the register only once or twice can take an order.

"FireFly is helping us implement online ordering through orderTopia, which we started up a few weeks ago in our corporate location. In the next few months we hope to enable iPhone ordering."

Phoenix POS and FireFly: A Combination for Success
"The people at FireFly have been very responsive to our needs," Michael says. "FireFly is the preferred POS provider for Elevation Burger. Phoenix POS gives us a single point of access for reporting and running royalties. Plus, the price point is attractive, which helps reduce development costs."