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"I Run My Restaurant from a Laptop and Have Increased Sales by 20%.

Phoenix Makes it Possible!"

Christopher Owens, owner of Pizzetta in Mystic, Connecticut, is crazy. Cool crazy, that is. He makes deliveries on land in a MINI Cooper and by water in a Zodiac boat. Now he's outfitting a fire truck to serve as a mobile pizza unit for private parties and festivals. For fun, he restores lighthouses. And he spends as little time in his restaurant as possible. He relies on his Phoenix Point-of-Sale system to track his business from near and far.

"We opened Pizzetta a little over a year ago, in an old 1870s house that we restored," says Christopher. "Upstairs is a 30-seat dining room, with self-serve and takeout downstairs and picnic tables out back.

"We started business with a POSitouch system. It was horrible, an archaic platform, basically a dinosaur. So even though it was a brand-new system, I tossed it. I wanted to be at the cutting edge of technology."

Web Efficiency and a Graphical Interface
"I want Pizzetta to be the most efficient, Web-accessible business that it can be, and Phoenix seemed to be the best fit for us. I like how Phoenix is a browser-based system with a Mac-looking interface. For instance, the menu items change color when you tag them and changes back if you deselect that item. The whole system is very adaptable to the way we do business."

Remote Access: Livin' La Vida Lighthouse
"I can access all my store data and the Phoenix system from the Web, which lets me work remotely using my laptop. Our previous system was not like that. I want Pizzetta to be based on me and my philosophy of social and environmental responsibility, but I don't want the success of my restaurant to be based on my presence.

"I restore lighthouses, and right now I have an offer to live in a lighthouse. With Phoenix, I can live my lighthouse dream and still have my restaurant."

Gross Sales Up 20%
"Our gross sales increased 20 percent from the first season, and that is in a sluggish economy. All the efforts we put into our business are paying off, and that includes the Phoenix system. We did four festivals in two months and often process 200 tickets a night–which is good for a small town. Phoenix has seen us through it all, both hardware and software."

Reports, Reports, and More Reports
"I use Phoenix's numerous reports to track my business. I can check my sales by time of day, by month, and more. The labor vs. sales graph on the Manager's Home page is helpful, especially in our tourist town where labor percentages can be volatile. I can even send labor schedules by text message to my employees."

Graphical Table Service
"For table service, I love Phoenix's graphical dining room. It's right down my graphic-oriented alley. Our servers like it, as well."

Phoenix: A System that Doesn't Quit
"We keep the pizza counter open until 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. We reset the Phoenix system so our end-of-day is at 4 a.m. for those days. Phoenix is point-of-sale that doesn't sleep!"

Doing Delivery Right
"Delivery and online mapping were important features for me. Phoenix does delivery well, and all the cash accountability is there. The system's flexibility lets me set up delivery zones by season (winter and summer)."

Online Ordering
"We integrated our Phoenix system with a great online ordering provider. Our customers can order from the Pizzetta menu from any location using the ordering site linked off our main site. No interpretive mistakes are made, since customers enter their own information. Online ordering makes our restaurant efficient."

FireFly and the Future
"FireFly is what I call a living company. They're always evolving, making their product better. They really listen to us."

"I've had offers to go to Australia, Ireland, and California. If we do open multiple stores, the Phoenix system will help us succeed."