Pizza Hut and Phoenix Point-of-Sale: A Winning Combination

From delivery kiosks to full red-roof stores to multibranded concepts, Pizza Hut operators need a pointof-sale solution that's flexible & reliable. Phoenix POS from FireFly Technologies is the ideal single-source point-of-sale solution-and we've worked with Pizza Hut franchisees to design a solution uniquely adapted to the Pizza Hut business

  • Flexible, graphic, easy-to-use POS reduces order taking time and simplifies training.
  • "Browser-based" technology powered by Linux and mySQL for robust and secure operations.
  • Full system access from anywhere you have internet access, without tying up a workstation
  • Smart coupon controls limit and automate coupon applications.
  • Sophisticated inventory tracking with topping count recipes designed around Pizza Hut needs.
  • E-mail alerts, delivery mapping, integrated credit card processing, sales forecasting, labor scheduling, and all the tools for in-store success.
  • Headquarters module for consolidated multistore management and reporting.
  • Integrated One-Number ordering option.
  • Support for the Pizza Hut CHAMPS program.
  • Backed by a leading pizza technology provider with decades of experience supporting stores like yours.

Case Studies

K Bar M Pizza Co. (Pizza Hut Group) and FireFly Technologies: Growing Together for Success

Pizza Hut of Taylor: "Phoenix and Pizza Hut: It's a Great Combination!"